Monday, July 31, 2006


My friend texted me this morning and we went out tonight, I played it quite cool until 1/2 way through the evening and then asked her why she had been such a crap friend and she said she had no excuse but she admitted she had been, said she was in a lazy place and realised it was an unfair place to be and said she was sorry and would try much harder in the future. So I have forgiven her and told her if she does it again, she will get the biggest kick up her bottom off me.

I now feel abso stuffed, went for a lovely mexican and a few drinks and am so tired I could sleep for a week, so I'm off for an early night.

Take care


Sunday, July 30, 2006


its official, I am the most bored person in the whole wide world. Have done nothing today, except for sleep. Did manage to pop over to see Angela for the longest 10 minutes in the world, but that was only because Heather came for me, I was still in my PJ's when she knocked on the door.

I'm off to the fantastic Dyans on Friday for a retreat, how lucky am I, and I'm trying very very hard to make some lovely little things to take with me, I love to make silly little thingy may jigs for Dyan with all of her fantasitic papers in the hope that one day just one of these things will be deemed good enough to make a display piece (OK, not quite true, some of my stuff is on display already, but I want more shelf space, cause I'm greedy, hee hee), so I'm making tons of little things that I think are so adorable, I might actually keep them.

but today, nothing, not a thing, cause I'm a boring person, I've even sent the dog to sleep with my silly ramblings, so I won't do the same to you lot.

I'll upload some pics eventually when stupid blogger decides to play nicely, but till then, bye bye.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Paint Splash

I'm covered in paint, want to get a few design projects done, but everything and I mean everything needs primed and two to three coats of paint on them before I can even start with the papers, hee hee. have tons of things on my kitchen table, and there is no room for anybody to eat breakfast tomorrow and nothing is gonna be allowed to be moved till they are finished, otherwise I'll never get them done, need them to sit and stare at me to get my fat arse moving hee hee. I'll be in serious bad books when Gerry sees the mess, but I don't care, I'm having fun, just waiting on the paint drying thats why I'm on here instead.

NO other news to report, not heard from friend yet, but I'll let you know the outcome.

Take care


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Advice Needed

OK, a while ago I explained all about how upset I was with my best friend, have not seen or heard from her in so long, I know the phone works both ways, etc, but I have made attempts only to be brushed off. Well it was her hubby's birthday the other day, and I popped round and posted a card through the door. Did not bother to knock or anything cause did not want to have to talk as at a loss for what to say. Anyway, she chased after me, to say hi and ask me in for coffee. I refused the coffee and was really at a loss for what to say. Reason I need advice is she has suggested we go out on Monday night for dinner, now I'm not sure if this will actually happen, because she said she would contact me to arrange a time, etc, and I've not heard anything as of yet, but if she does get in contact, what should I do, should I go and say nothing or should I go and let her know I think she has been a lousy friend, or should I just not bother at all. Honestly I have never been in this situation before with a friend, and I know a few of you have, so I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you.

On a positive note, just back from the cinema with Ben, we went to see the Break Up, it was quite good, 5 mins before the end, the reel broke though and we where plunged into darkness for about 10 minutes whilst they fixed this. Now I don't know how many times I had prayed that something like that would have happened when I was younger and at the pictures with a boyfriend, typical, can hardly have a good snog with my son now can I.

OK, I'm off to search the net, want some yummy scrummy scrapbook papers, so will probably find them at Angel Crafts or Bumblebee, see ya.


I'm back to add a bit more

Hi, last post was a quickie as had a guest, how rude am I leaving my guests whilst I do my blog, hee hee.

Heather was over to do a bit of scrapping and I refused to let her leave till she had finished a layout completely, I swear to god, I have been scrapping with this lady for a while and I have never seen her finish a page yet, she is her own worse critic, the page was stunning that she did in the end and she was really pleased with it as well, now just have to stop her pulling it to bits when she decides she could have done something differently.
She has spoiled me today, she made me a lovely note book and also brought round this adorable little pink suede case and said she wanted to decorate it, and asked my advise, well that was a silly thing to do, cause I jumped right in with this and that, so she told me to do it for her. Did not need telling twice, I love altering things like that, so away I went, I had a ball, knew exactly what I wanted to do. When I had finished, she promptly said, what you gonna put in it....... Blank looks from me!!!!!! the silly moo had only brought it for me, so I ended up decorating my own box. Felt really bad afterwards as realised it might have been something she wanted to do for me. But in my defence, I only did as I was told. I'll take pics tomorrow and upload them, (can't be bothered fighting with blogger tonight)

OK, thats me, short and sweet, not, one of my usual ones, sorry girls.

Night night.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mojo Holder

Have come across this website recently, its quite new, but the girls are setting challenges, anybody can do them, so this I decided to have a go. here is the site if you fancy a visit - Mojo Holder. Here is my go at the challenge for this week.I really seem to have found my mojo again and I'm making sure it does not leave home again, so I'm trying to make sure I scrap each night, I'm off to go and print out some photo's now for this weeks challenge on UKS so I'll be back later. Bye. xxx

Monday, July 24, 2006

Busy busy busy

Wow, this weekend, I have kept myself really busy, spent friday night over at Heathers, was suppose to be scrapping, but spent half of the night chatting and surfing the web, did manage to get one page of a CJ done though, had ordered in a few books and got the Elsie Flannigan book in, I'm sorry to have to say this, but I will not be able to stop singing the praises of this book for months, it is flipping brilliant, It is set into challenges, 52 in total, and I must have done 6 already all on the one layout, plus scraplifted one of her layouts in the process, hee hee. I love her work, I love how free if feels and yet so well put together, I'm not doing it any justice in my description, sorry.

Anyway, back to me, (me, me, me) Saturday I was rudely awoken by my roofer, who had come to try yet again to fix the leak, he brought the joiner with him, which set Gerry off on one, as it was the same joiner who had done work the previous year but never finished any of it and never returned whenever he promised too. So Gerry in his wisdom decided he would not talk to him, and I was left like piggy in the middle to sort out the holes that had to be knocked in all over the house. They have made 4 holes in total and its so clear to see how bad the water damage is, we have damp and mould everywhere, we can't use the front door anymore, because the smell is so bad. Have no idea to the extent of the damage, but will find out soon enough as the specialist are here tomorrow to do a full inspection and report. Nipped over to Bothwell to see my friend Anne, she was working in a clients clothes store to help her out. Ending up spending a fortune whilst there as loads of cute little shops with the most adorable clothes. Finally went home and finishing the CJ entry and then started on a larger scale version of a previous entry I had done for another CJ. Sunday, was lazy day, spent it dozing on the sofa. Which brings me to today, been to work and thats been the highlight of my day.

I'm trying so hard at the moment to give up smoking, but am so desperate to run out to the shop to buy some, hence why I've waffled so much on here, trying to keep myself busy, so I'm off to dig out paperwork for my tax return in an effort to take my mind off it, but think it might have the opposite effect when I get stressed out when I can't find everything I need.

Take care of yourselves.


Friday, July 21, 2006

for Jaime

Honest, I've not lost the plot, this blog message is for Jaime, hope these help.

Step by step to make birthday cake

1. Trace the cake shape onto card stock. Score all the fold lines. For the curved edges, be sure to connect all the short score lines. Trim out along the outer edge
2. Stamp curvy texture in a very light color to simulate frosting texture on the top and ends of the cake.
3. Stamp "Happy Birthday" onto the box top.
4. Stamp and color the curlicue edge along the curved edge of the top of the cake.
5. Stamp the rose trio near the pointed end of the top of the cake.
6. Stamp frosting stars on each of the half-circle edge shapes. Color as desired
7. Mask and stamp stucco texture along the two rectangular sides to create the look of cake layers, or use the edge of a dry kitchen sponge to stamp the cake layer texture
8. To add a candle to the cake box, stamp two of the candles onto card stock, color and cut out. Trim so that there is a small bit of extra paper at the bottom of each candle (about 1/2 square inch). Glue the two pieces back-to-back, leaving the extra tabs at the bottom unglued.
9. To attach the candle, cut a slot in the top of the cake just the width of the candle. Fold out the two tabs at the bottom of the candle. Slide the candle through the slot from the inside, and glue the tabs in place to the underside of the top of the cake.
10. Once the cake box is stamped and colored, fold up the straight sides along the score lines. Glue the tab at the pointed end under first. Gently curve the two end pieces, overlap and glue in place so the end follows the curved edge of the bottom. Put a little glue on each of the lower half-circle edge pieces (glue the blank side that is facing up) and fold these up to secure the cake bottom to the end.
11. Fold under the long tab and bend the upper half-circle shapes down.
12. Close the cake and tuck the long tab to the inside.
13. To build a complete cake, make six identical cake pieces.
14. If desired, decorate the cake box with pressed flowers, bits of ribbon and lace, small silk flowers, die-cut paper, etc.
15. To construct a three-tier wedding cake, make six large and six small cake boxes. Decorate as desired. On the top of each box section, decorate only along the outer curved edge. The stacking layers will cover most of the top surface.
16. For the small round cake top, cut off an oatmeal box (18 oz. size) two inches up from the bottom. Cut a piece of card stock 2" x 14" to cover the sides. Use two pieces of 2" x 7" if needed.
17. Trace the lid two times onto card stock, cut one piece slightly smaller than the traced line. Glue in place to cover the printing on the lid. On the other piece, add half-circle loops around the edge (like on the cake boxes). Score along the traced line and trim around the half circle shapes. Place this piece over the bottom and fold the half circle shapes down over the edge. Glue in place. The cake top can be made a little stiffer by adding a circle of foam board or corrugated cardboard between the oatmeal box bottom and the paper circle.
18. Decorate this end of the box as the top of the cake. Add dried or silk flowers or even a little bride and groom figurine.

OK, intended to have another pic on here of the birthday cake, but blogger is not playing today, so I'll try to upload it later for you.

These instructions are from Carol Duvalls website.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Today is a Blahhhhhhhhh day

I'm having a rotten day today. Had to come home at Lunchtime today to have a meeting with my roofer, who replaced my roof a year ago and we have had nothing but leaks since then. This is really annoying as my house is over 100 years old, the roof on the house was the original and never leaked once. Now we have a huge problem with damp that has run through three potentially four areas of the house and each of these rooms to have to be stripped right back to the bare brick, lintels will have to be replaced as well as joists and the whole areas will have to be treated and replastered and then re-decorated, but none of this can happen till the leak has been fixed properly. The worst thing though, is that I will end up losing decorative architrave that will be impossible to replace as its no longer made, so will have to get a specialist in to remould it completely, so we now face a gruelling battle with builders, insurance companies and a hell of a mess to live in whilst it gets sorted, plus some massive bills. I am so sick of this house, we have spent the last two summers working our butts off in it, summer of 04 was spent completely remodeling the garden, which was a huge task and took about 12 weeks to complete, summer of 05 was spent doing the house and now this. I swear to god, when this work is finished I am selling this house, no matter what his lordship says, I've had enough, no longer love it like I first did when I first walked into it, instead I hate it with every bone in my body.

To top it all off I saw my best friend today that I have not seen or heard of for weeks, I was going up my drive and she was driving past, she never even waved or anything and I know she saw me. I am so upset, she has been my best friend since I moved to Scotland, we have shared so many things and secrets that would make your hair curl, but I feel like I'm suddenly of no use to her, I have covered for her so much in the past and I think I should have said no, because now I feel like I have been used and it really hurts. I called her a few weeks ago to say hi, but she was short with me, or at least that was how it felt, so I just said, if she needed a friend I was there for her, and left it at that, I even dropped her a email and she has not responded, but do you know something, I could really bloody use a friend at the moment and I don't see her offering her services. Which again explains why I feel like I've been used.

But do you know what, I still miss her, she was my best friend and I don't think its right that she takes that friendship away without even telling me.

Ok, I've now thoughly depressed myself even more than I was before, so I'm gonna go to bed and find my cheery self again and I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully in a better frame of mind.

Take care of yourselves. mwahahahahahaha

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Do you want my autograph?

My head is so big, can hardly fit through the door, today I have appeared in two magazines. Simply Stamping for a take 5 challenge and Do-Crafts Scrapbook Magazine as a project designer.

I got featured on the cover, top left hand corner, middle card, then on the index page, mine is the one on the left page, green card and then a big pic on the take 5 feature page.

I am so chuffed, I was petrified when Daphne called asking me to take part, and when the stamp turned up I hit a wall in regards to a idea, but I spent the weekend at it and sent back 4 cards for Daphne to choice from and she picked my fav, and I got to keep the stamps as well, yahooo.

For the Do-Crafts project I was asked to design a layout for a beginners project using dry embossing, not something I do alot of, but I jumped right in and loved making it actually. I was so tempted to add bits and pieces here and there, but had to restrain myself because it was targeted at beginners. I've now been asked to do another project for them and am going to make this cute little book that I love to make, but its quite a bit harder so think the grading will be made advanced, which means I can go to town a bit more to suit myself, all within reason though, have to use what products they send me.

I'm off out tonight to Angelas with heather for a girly night at the movies, Angela's DH is making us fajitas for tea and we have plans for nacho's, chocs and wine, yum yum.

Hope your all enjoying the weather, and thank you for posting comments on my blog, if you just visit but don't comment, then why not, I love to hear what you all have to say, don't worry if you don't have your own blog, you can leave a comment anyway.

Big kisses to you all. mwahahahahahaha

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wow, Fairy Power Spray

At last blogger is letting me finally put pics up, no idea why it would not let me, but I'm not complaining, at least not any more, so as promised, here are the pics of the layout and gerry as tintin.

I've been to the hospital today, and its good news, I don't have to have an anigiogram, really pleased about this, Spent a while convicing and a doctors opionion had to be given, but I'm ok as I am, a wheezy little thing.

Came home and it was hardly worth going into work, so got stuck into my oven instead, Gerry had brought the new fairy power spray, and I have to sing its greatness from the rooftops, its brilliant, my oven and all the trays look brand spanking new. (I know how sad am I, highlight of my day is a clean oven).

Here is my layout in response to the challenge that Angela set down for all the teachers of the Luxurious Angels Retreat. I used white bazzill cardstock and making memories girl pack for the gingham and green dot. Traced round Basic Grey Hardware to create title, and hand cut out the petals for the banner across the top with a bit of Blonde moments ribbons, everything is stitched down curtesy of my sewing machine, which is now broken.

Here is the pic of Gerry doing his TinTin impression, how cute does he look, in reality he is all stinky and smelly cause he is just back from the football.

ok, thats me for today, can't burn dinner for two days on the trot so best run.

take care of yourselves. mwahahahaha

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Damn Midges

Today, me and Ben went golf ball hunting, a lovely walk around the outside edge of the driving range, this is something we use to do alot, but as he has grown, he has wanted to spend more time with his friends like any typical teenager. Today he did not have a choice as was grounded, any excuse to get out of the house and garden was a good one.

We where both attacked by the dreaded scottish midgy, I swear to god these things had sticks and beat us both with them. We are now both covered in nasty little lumps everywhere and itching like made, can't find the calamine lotion anywhere, either.

On the up side, we got a bag full of golf balls for Trevor to have a field day with, daft dog, adores golf balls, he will carry it around all day in his little mouth, but he does not destroy them, thank goodness.
We use to hand the balls back into the golf shop at the end of the course, but have decided no more, Ben use to take in a bag full to the top and would get a sweety and drink as a thanks, but now the big meanies just take the bag off him and say thanks and thats it, so we are not giving them their balls back any longer, we don't care if its considered stealing, if they wanted their balls so badly they would have gone and got them themselves. So if anybody wants any golf balls, give me a shout, I can do a fantastic deal on them, swap ya for a sweety and drink.

Pic is of Trevor and Ben in the backgarden when we got home with our spoils of the day.

Gerry asked me to cut his hair today with the clippers, so stood outside and away I went, clip clip clip, then this little evil voice inside my head said, leave a bit and run away, so I did, I left him with a TinTin curl and then hide the clippers, I refused to cut it off till after he had been out to play his usual Sunday game of 5 a sides, hee hee, how evil am I. Everyone called him Tin Tin. I did cut it off when he got home, but actually think he was starting to like it, I kept on catching him, stroking and it and forming it into a curl, strange bloke.

Have been busy on a layout today, for a challenge that Angela from Angel Crafts has set, for all the teachers of the Luxurious Angels Retreat. Luxurious Angels have the most adorable image that they are using in all the marketing material and that was what we had to scrap. I saw Maggies Layout yesterday, and I have to say it was fantastic with a great funny little twist to it, that made me laugh, hopefully Angela will be posting these on her blog and website after tomorrow, which is the official date for tickets for the Retreat go on sale, and the annoucement of the fourth teacher, which is a huge coup for Luxurious Angels, she is a superstar and a fantastic scrapper, who I admire greatly.

OK, I'm off to have a quick tidy and then a very very early night.

Take care of youselves.


(OK, I've tried about 5 times to add a pic of Gerry with his TinTin hair do and blogger is not letting me, I'll come back and try again later)
((ok I give in, I have tried yet again to get pic of gerry up but to no avail, so I'll post it on tomorrows blog if I can))

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Can this weekend get any better

so chuffed and so excited, wanted to share this with you all.

I have just logged onto UKS and sitting there waiting for me was a lovely surprise. I have made it onto the design team for Kraft Stop, can't believe it, I am gobsmacked (does not happen often)

I must have a lucky angel with me at the mo, cause things are just getting better and better, which actually its about time they did, had a small downwards thing going on there for a while, but it just goes to show if you stick at it and pull your big girl knickers on, things will eventually turn out all right.



Hi, have been to a crop today, and I have not laughed so hard in weeks. Ain't it strange, I feel like the past few weeks all I have done is laugh, don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, but I kinda think I laugh more during the summer than in the winter, does anybody else feel the same? or is it just me been strange.

Not much news to report other than the news I gave earlier, about my ugly face picture winning, still can't believe that, hee hee.

tonight has been deemed family night, so we are gonna have hot dogs, nacho's, cheese sauce and movies galore, not sure yet, will depend on what Ben wants to watch, but I'm sure it will be fun, mind you think I might fall straight to sleep infront of TV.

Hope your all having a ball, what ever you are doing.

Big hi and hug to Fiona if your reading this, mwahahahahhahah just for you.xxxx

OMG I can't believe it

Oh my god, I can't believe it, I only flipping won the challenge that Kirsty threw down for everybody to do a layout of yourself but had to be a funny face.

Here is the layout I did, be warned its horrific.

You could always show this to the kids and tell them this is what happened to me when the wind changed direction, hee hee, remember when your mum use to say that to you, "don't pull a face like that, cause if the wind changes it will stay like that".

I'm so chuffed I won, did not honestly think I was in with a chance, as such talented ladies had entered.

Off to bed now. Night night.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another Surprise for the Retreat

Today, has been spent biting my nails, awaiting a email from somebody very very speshal, Had asked the abso brill lady about teaching at the retreat and had to wait till I got home from work before I could find out if it was good news or bad. Finally got out of work and sprinted home like a mad woman, and yes, the email was there waiting for me. Dare I open it, what if it was bad news, would I be able to cope with the disappointment, me thinks not. Ok, I click open and YAHOO, she said yes. I can't believe it, I'm jumping up and down on my seat, whoops have broken seat, hell, who cares, she said yes, how fab is that.

however, I can't reveal who she is till Monday, so I'm so sorry girls, you will just have to hope that in my usual dizzy way, I make a booby and mention it or you will have to be patient and wait till Monday, when all will be revealed. Hee hee, I know I'm evil, but honest this news is worth waiting for.

On another note, came home, also looking forward to a slice of calorie free cake, only to discover, that DH had read my blog and decided to go and explore fridge (area of house he is not familiar with - ok only joking Gerry, don't throw a wobbly) and he ate it all, fab bloater, so had to make do with Jaffa Cakes instead.

Its nearly TFiF and I can't wait, have so much to do before I'm let out to play this weekend, have to do the mountain (I swear to god it is a mountain, have the tourist board coming in next week to designate it a place of interest to visit) ironing pile to do, plus run round like a headless chicken, dusting and hoovering, ummmhhh wonder if I could bribe ben to do the dusting for a few pounds, ummhhh wonder if I could sneak said few pounds out of Gerry's money tin. Then I have to tidy the mess that is my craft room, have a crop on Saturday and as of this present moment in time, I won't be going unless I get my lazy giant arse into gear and sort out my stuff.

Anyway, off to bed now, going to see if I can get to bed the same day I got out of it for a change, take care of yourselves.

Calorie Free Chocolate Cake

At last, Asda have developed a Calorie Free Chocolate Cake, I know I can just see you all running to grab your coats and bags and fly out the door to run down there to grab some while you can. Hold on though. All of this is completely in the imagination of my darling but dim friend Angela.

Tonight she came round to my house, as going to Camera Class, we had already agreed that instead of the horrible fattening Chippy Dinner that we usually have after class (must just say, I love Chippy dinners) we would go out somewhere nice for Dinner as we where dragging Heather along with us, think Angela wanted to let her believe we are nice civilised people, ha ha, fat chance of that. Sorry I'm wandering off the subject here, ok, I'm back, I'm focused, now back to my story. In comes Angela and presents me with an Asda Bag, I go, ohhhh, what's this, pressy for me (I so love to get pressy's) and she says yes its a Calorie Free Chocolate Cake, so straight in I dive, I'm looking all over the box for the magic words, calorie free when she points to the bit where the expiry date bit is and says there, it says it there, Calorie Free. Well I nearly feel off my chair laughing at her, what a bimbo, and honestly she is not blonde, but you would never believe that.

Here's a pic of the offending item, just to make your mouth water. Both Angela and Heather, had much fun, taking the complete mickey out of me for this pic, cause I had to make sure the lighting and everything was just right, and I would not let them have a slice till I had got the perfect shot, they even suggested I sprinkle coco round the plate, which I did, must to the enjoyment of them, they could not stop laughing at me, horrible horrible girls, and these are suppose to be my friends, I'll get my own back on you.

Have had a fantastic night, have laughed till my tummy hurts, ate good food and had good company, only down side has been that my breathing today has been terrible, seems to be getting worse. I'm trying all sorts of things to see if its something I'm doing in my lifestyle to make it like this, but no matter what I change or stop in my habits it is not getting better. Thank goodness I'm at the hospital soon because its really beginning to get me down. Enough of me been miserable, I hope your all having a fantastic time and enjoying this nice little spell of sunshine we are getting.

See you all soon. Love ME.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am so tired, have been pulling far too many late nights, counted up today how many hours sleep I have had in the last 4 days and its well under 20 hours. On the plus side I have no bags under my eyes, which must be a first, so all these stories of staying up late causes bags is rubbish.

Why are men so stupid, that is the universal question tonight, my DH, god bless his soul, cause somebody will need to, has been in Dublin all day on business and missed his flight home, so muggings here had to go all the way out to Glasgow Airport to pick his lordship up, take him to Prestwick airport, a flipping great distance away and drop him off so he could pick his car up. On the plus side he did make up some brownie points though, he brought me a lovely Guinness T-Shirt home. Only problem was I thought it was for Ben cause it was so teeny tiny. Was a size 10 to 12, who does he think he is kidding, he surely must have noticed that I have big boobies and that a size 10 – 12 is never ever ever gonna fit over them babies. Even Ben tried it on and it was a tight fit on him.

OK, I have to go, have some more work to do, before I call it a night, gonna see if I can get my bags back, by getting at least 5 hours sleep.

Take care of yourselves Mwahahahahahahahhaha

Monday, July 10, 2006

Its Official

Its official can tell you all, the fabby wabby speshal Kirsty Wiseman will be teaching at the Luxurious Angel retreat.

Can't wait, now just need to start on the organising of it all.

Can anyone tell me where I can get Tena Ladies from, have spent the last 24 hours nearly peeing myself with laughter, Angela and Heather have had me in stiches, they are so good, they knew I needed cheering up as feel pretty down at the moment. Have to go to hospital next week for cardio tests and then in the week after for an angiogram, and am scared to death with worry about it, not sure whats wrong but I'll know soon enough.

Meet a old friend today in Glasgow, she was up for the weekend from Cambridge with her daughter and friend who went off to tea in the park to get all muddy and messy. The girls had a fab time and shared some of the stories with me, it made my hair curl. It was so good to see Karen again, has been 2 years since we last met up, this was only a quickie, picked them up from hotel, went for tea and then had to drop them off at the Airport, felt a bit bad as that was the only time I could spare her and she had been here all weekend, but she made good use of her time having manicures, massages, the works, lucky cow, wish I had free time to do that.

OK, I have to run, trying to finish challenge layouts and projects for kids art classes, so up to my elbows in glitter, glue and paint, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Luxurious Angel Retreat

Its now official, I will be teaching at the Luxurious Angel Retreat, been held in Lockerbie in October (27 - 29) and I'm so excited.

The hotel is flipping stunning, me and Angela where there again today to check out some of the rooms and iron out the finer details. It is going to be fantastic, Angela has some fantastic teachers lined up already to teach at it and is waiting on one more getting back to her, which in my in my humble opionion is the cream of the crop, but I'm not going to name her just now incase I jinx it. Keep your fingers, eyes and toes crossed she says yes.

Here is the hotel, please go and have a look you will just scream at how gorg it is.

If anybody does want to go, you can either drop me or Angela at Angel crafts a line and we will add you to the list, be warned though places are limited to 30, its going to be an exclusive event.

OK, rest of my news, I don't have any, sad muppet I am, have spent all weekend helping out with sorting this out.

OK I lied, I have finally finished working on a CJ that has only taken me two weeks to do (I'll post a pic later after I manage to unpack my bags), my excuse is that my mojo has left home and is living under the bed at Angelas, seems that the only place I manage to get anything done. I have also managed to make a start on my layout for the challenges that me and Kirsty are going to be starting on UKS, I will post the pic as soon as the challenge starts for all you none uks bloggers out there.

I now have to go and face the mountain that lives in my bedroom called Ironing, its a horrible thing that just seems to grow each day, how the hell it does it is beyond me, cause I'm sure I don't wear that many clothes. I'm gonna have to start making Ben wear his clothes inside out to get double the wear out of them. Now that is a great idea, off to see what he thinks of that.

Take care of yourselves.

Love ya xxxxx

Saturday, July 08, 2006

just a quickie

I wish......

Ok, only have a few mins as not at home, at Angelas staying the night, I invited myself as my mojo is still living at her house under the bed, I need to finish a CJ entry that should have posted two weeks ago, so pulling a late one to get it done, then want to start on my layout for mine and kirsty's challenges that will be starting soon on UKS, come back later for more news on this.

Off tomorrow back to that wonderful hotel we went to the other night, to see if we can blag a lunch out of them, ha ha, fat chance, off to check out some of their rooms, come back later for more news on this as well, you will want to be involved, its gonna be fab.

I know I'm such a pig for not giving all the news, for making you wait, but thats me to a tee, a right cow.

OK, have to go, catch you all later, till then take care of yourselves.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Yum Yum

Its just after midnight, and I'm finally home from my evening out with Angela, we where off hunting for a hotel, and where kindly invited to dinner by one of the hotel owners, wow where we blown away, the hotel was stunning, want to live there and greet people at the door wearing a tiara. The dinner was amazing, I could not eat all of mine and said I wanted a doggy bag to take it home, but Angela had a fit at my suggestion and promptly said NO, what a spoil sport, could not believe she would not let me ask, but suppose I would have appeared as common as muck, should I have asked, but then thats me, common as muck.

The weather is so lovely at the moment, can't believe people are complaining about abit of sun. This will probably be the only bit we get all year, and you just know as soon as it goes away, everyone will complain its to cold/wet/windy/snowy, blah blah blah, you just can't please people can you.

Finally got to see one of my nicest, sweetiest friends yesterday, seems like its been months since I last saw her, when in reality its probably only a month, her daughter has just had a baby boy so she has been doing the granny things and not had much time for anything else, but managed to sneak a few hours with her yesterday in her back garden and will get to spend the day with her on Saturday, so I'm really pleased about that.

On the down side though, I have not seen or heard from my bestest bestest friend in ages now, no response to emails, or texts so have no idea if everything is ok, must admit I am missing her like hell, so would love to talk to her, whoops eyes filling up with tears at the thought of how much I'm missing her, so gonna stop talking now.

OK, I'm off to Bed, will catch you all tomorrow, take care of yourselves. xxx

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Just a quick post tonight to say hi to everyone. Went to photography class tonight, its only my second time, but already I feel like I have learnt something, took this pic of Ben just before leaving and then adjusted in Photoshop whilst I was there, and I love the results, hope you do to.

Took a few more but am still playing with these ones and also some of the pics have girls from the class in them and not sure they would be best pleased with me for uploading pics of them on to my blog. hee hee.

I am really enjoying the classes though and David who runs them has the patience of a saint, well he would need to with me in his class.

I'm off out tomorrow night for dinner in a lovely hotel with my friend Angela, can't wait will make such a change to get out into an environment for real adults that dress up for dinner, oh how lucky will I be. Watch this, I'll spill my dinner all over my lap knowing me.

Anyway have to run as still need to run round and have a tidy before bed, night night. xxx

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm Back

Hi there fellow bloggers, so sorry I have not updated in quite a while, and I was doing so well uptil now. But I have my reasons.

I lost my mojo, could not find it anywhere, it had simply ran away from home, but yippee finally found it hiding at Angelas house, so have now dragged its sorry arse back home, its not happy with me, but its kinda back.

My news has not been good resently, I have been a bit poorly, but got a good holiday to help me recover, so now have a lovely tan, which is rapidly peeling off my skin and I know look like a horrible scaley lizard, hee hee.

I'm so excited this month, as am going to be published in two mags and its not just the usual bog standard stuff that you send off in the hope that they might decide to publish on the readers page, its proper stuff that they asked me to do, nearly peed myself when they asked, and am now nearly peeing myself with excitment waiting on the mags coming out. I'm going to be in the Do-Crafts scrapbooking mag, have done the project of the month, dry embossing (which I don't do alot of but went wild with balloons on it) and in Simply Stamping as one of the take 5 challenges for a card design (went mad with ranger inks and walked around with green hands for a few days). As soon as the mags are out, I'm gonna buy loads as want to show off to all my family and friends, plus think I'm gonna frame them as well.

Have only done one class this month, but it was a blast, was ATC's which I'm not that great at, but taught the ladies loads of lovely lush paint techniques and would not let them leave the class till there hands where as disgusting as mine. We had a ball and everyone made some stunning ATC's and did there first trades as well, they are all now well and truly hooked.

Things at home are hectic as usual, Ben broke up from School on Weds for the summer, he has now officially left Primary School and starts High School in August, he is a bit worried about it, scared incase he does not know where to go, or what to do, so I've told him just to follow everyone else. At least he will know loads of people as all of the kids from he went to school with, will be going to the same school. He is growing up so fast, and is a typical boy, who is driving me up the wall. Brought him new trainers on Thursday and they are ruined already, so he will be spending the summer barefoot, cause I refuse to spend more money on trainers that last 5 mins ( I know I'm such a bad mother, but I don't care)

OK thats me updated you all, so I'm off to paw over all the lovely layouts on UKS. Oh that reminds me, you must go and see Kirsty's latest mad challenge, its to do a layout on a funny face of yourself, have done one myself, don't want to scare you all, so not gonna put it on here.

Heres is the link to Kirsty's challenge:

Take care of yourselves, love Roz