Friday, March 31, 2006

Thank Goodness its Friday.

Friday 31st March 2006

OK, this is my second attempt to do my blog for today, first time around my PC crashed for no reason, so now need to remember to save on a regular basis, whoops, won't let that happen again.

Today, I have finally managed to get out of my pit of a bed after a week of lying in it, and actually managed to potter around the house for a while, did not manage to clean or tidy anything, but did potter, so thats a start.

Did manage to give my dog Trevor a bath, as after spending a week with him lying beside me, I discovered he really stinks, so doggy shampoo time for him. He actually hates getting a bath, but is so good, he does not try to escape or anything, just sits there looking all sad and lonely.

I managed to get him to wait in the bath, whilst I legged it for my camera and got some adorable pics of him.

He is so funny when he gets out, he does all the usual doggy shaking, but then roles around all over the carpets to help himself dry off, then he does a mad dash around still rubbing his head against the floor, daft dog with end up with carpet burns.

He then sits and waits till he gets his blow dry, big dafty actually loves the hairdryer, he turns around so you get all of him done and even lies on his back so his belly (which by the way, is way to fat) gets done as well, then he runs around everyone so they all admire how lovely he looks.

Ben finished school today for the Easter holidays, only thing was I did not know this, till a friend told me on the phone that her kids had finished up, honestly I don't know what planet I have been living on this last week. Wondered why he came home with a Easter Bonnet on his head, and why he was not wearing a school uniform. (pic is of Ben making minor adjustments to his hat) Little monster refused to pose for the camera with his bonnet on though.

My darling hubby Gerry is off out on the town tonight, he said not to expect him any later than midnight, who does that guy think he is kidding, he is so funny, he will stroll in, whoops sorry, stumble in, some time around 3am, pace the house going SSSSHHHHHH in his loudest possible voice and then eventually climb up the stairs and fall into bed, continuing his SSSSHHHHHHHHH and making sure that me and ben are both awake, laughing our heads off at him, then in the morning he will deny all knowledge of it, honestly he is such a clown.

Anyway, thats about my news for the day, am trying to get all my stuff to fit into one sensible sized bag as off to card group tomorrow and I always take to much stuff and I'm trying to set a new rule for myself that I only take what I really need, I can't possible complete all the projects I plan to, which is usually far to many, and to be more realistic about my expactations, so one bag and thats it. I'll let you know tomorrow how it went.

Before I go, I wanted to share this lovely card with you, that I received today from my teammates (scraphappens) on UKS, it is the most stunning card I have seen for a long time, and was made by the ultra talented Toni H, can't believe how scrummy yummy this card is, have sat and stared at it all day, so thought you bloggers might like to join me in my enjoyment of this.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

30th March 2006

This is my first entry in my Bloggy Blog, so I'll try to bring you all upto speed.

I've been off work sick with a bad version of a cold, and now appear to have difficulty in moving my neck, must have been far to much bed rest.

Anyway, spent yet another lazy day curled up with my quilt, my good friend Clare came over though in an effort to cheer me up and made me watch Fried Green Tomatoes yet again. Honestly I can't believe that girl has watched this movie with me about 20 times, she always forgets certain bits and then bubbles when something happens. Can't recommend this film highly enough though, its such a tear jerker but also a nice girly movie.

Anyway, Clare brought over sausage rolls, chocs, doriatos and dip, oh you gotta love her, she kept me company till Darling Gerry and Ben got home.

Then this evening Angela came over, she is suffering bad with my stinking cold, and is rightly blaming me for giving it to her, but she still braved the cold and came to visit little old sick me, we had a lovely time, lusting over scrapbooking catalogues, lots of ouchhhhhhhh and arrrrssssssssssssss, then we spent an hour in my craft room, and made absolutely nothing to show for it. She did leave a happy woman though, as finally managed to get her to cut her fibres for the fibre swap I'm hosting.

I've managed to lose my fibres that I had already cut for another fibre swap that I'm in, can't believe it, I've managed to lose my filofax this week as well, can't understand where it could possibly have gone to as have not left the house at all.

Anyway, thats you all upto date with me, please let me know what you have been upto.

Take care of you.