Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm Terrible

I keep forgetting to do my blog, I know terrible terrible terrible.

I have been busy though, have been working on a class kit that I'm going to be teaching at Angel Crafts crop next weekend, its the new lippy chick flap book, and I love it, love it, love it. Can't show it to you though as its gonna be a present for somebody afterwards, and I know they read this blog, nosey yet!

What I can share with you though is this cute little digi layout I did, it was a challenge from CD and I used lots of bits from Kirsty's digi things she makes, I'm pants at Digi, but I must admit I do love this and I love all of Kirsty's stunning designs.

I love the picture of ben in this, I took it at the beginning of May, we had a lovely day so we dragged our sorry arses to the park to play for a few hours, and he willing posed for me, so I could practice my photography skills which are currently none existant, but are slowly coming there.

Here is the pic in its full glory for you, and another one of him jumping for joy.

I can't believe how big Ben is now, he is actually taller than me, which must have happened over the last few hours, cause I'm sure this morning he was not.

He is going to be a teenager at the end of the month, and I'm flabbergasted by this, where did the time go, somebody call the police, I've been robbed.

I have no idea what to buy him either, he keeps saying he wants nothing, what 13 year old wants nothing.............

Anyway, thats enough for one day, I'll leave you all with the joke of the day.

"Dad, where did I come from?" asks this 10-years-old. The father was shocked that a 10 year old would be asking a question like that. He was hoping to wait a few more years before he would have to explain the facts of life, but he figured it was better a few years early than a few days too late, so, for the next two hours he explained every thing to his son. When he got finished, he asked his son what prompted his question to which his son replied, "I was talking to the new kid across the street and he said he came from Birmingham, so I was just wondering where I came from."

Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Prompt is up

And its all about me again as usual, but then are again, these are Prompts for your Book of Me. Anybody can join in just go here to see all the past ones.

I missed doing one in April as things where so up in the air, but I'm back on track and have now done the May one to kick start this again.

The prompt is 'What If...'

I did a CJ entry a while ago about the girl in the mirror and I loved it so much I re-created it for the prompt.

Picture was taken by Heather whilst she was over one afternoon in my garden, we dragged a mirror out and I sat a posed, pretending to be all reflective.

Anyway here are the layouts for you to see.

My What if... as written on the tag is as follows:

What if …….

I had taken a different path in life, where would I be now?

I sometimes just sit here and wonder,
What if I Had taken the job in the Army, where would I be, would I still be in it, would my health be different, would I have travelled the world, or would I have ended up with the life I have just now? Or would I be somewhere else or even somebody else?

What if I had worked harder at school and had actually managed to get into a College or University, where would I be now?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with where I am just now, I would like to change a few things, but overall, I’m happy with the majority of my life and what I’ve achieved with it.

I have the most amazing son in the world, he may not have come from me, but he sure came from my heart.

I’ve got some really good friends who I value so much, they have helped me through some really difficult times and shared with me during happy times and they are always there when I need them.

I’ve reached goals that I’ve set myself, and have been successful in whatever I’ve set my mind to.

But seriously don’t you ever just sit and wonder ‘What if………

I am going to be adding another tag with even more what if's but they are quite private and painful, so hopefully you won't mind if I don't share them with you.

Did you know that today is National Scrapbooking Day, wow, there are some great things going on all over the country today and on the internet, there are some great challenges taking place over at the Design Collective as well, I've made a note of them all and am hoping to find some motivation to let me join in. Go on over and check them out.

Last night Angela came over to play for a while, this was such a treat for me, she hardly ever gets 5 minutes to play and we had a whole evening, we both sat and made a flip book up each, mine was for a class I'm teaching soon, and Angelas was for a gift for a friend, These books do make the perfect little present for anybody, and actually don't take that long to make up. I do love them so much. I can't share mine with you just yet, but once the class has been and gone, I will share it with you all then.

OK, need to go and spend some time with Ben, but before I leave, here is your Joke of the Day.

One day an employee came in to work with both of his ears bandaged.
When his boss asked him what happened, he explained:

"Yesterday I was ironing a shirt when the phone rang
and I accidentally answered the iron instead of the phone!"

"Well," the boss said, "that explains one ear, but what
about the other?" "They called back!"