Thursday, May 25, 2006

I've found a cure for headaches

And its called Alcohol. Yippee its my birthday and I've finally gotten rid of my headache, had a full bottle of wine, and yahoo, its done the trick that doctors could not achieve, my headache is gone. I have to be supurivised whilst typing this though, which is one draw back.

Had a wonderful day, got took for my lunch, by the lovely Angela and she very very nicely gave me a new set of pebbles earth tone chalks for my birthday, cause mine are all broken and I could not jusify buying another set and some Basic grey rub-on's, only problem is they are so nice and you get so few in the packet that I'll never use them cause I don't want to waste them.

I got a brilliant fabby A3 printer off Gerry so can do my layouts now with titles printed directly on, what a result, did not think I would get this as far to many pennies and I got a lovely kiss and hug off Ben, what more could a mother ask for on her birthday, keep this quiet, but that was the best gift out of them all.

Off to bed now, before I make a fool of myself.

I love you all, and take care of you.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Boss is not really an monster

Two posts from me in one day, can you tell I'm bored. Actually I should be doing something creative, but head is far to sore. Went to work but cause I looked so horrible everyone was nice to me, hee hee, took the tablets the hospital gave me, but they make me feel really funny, and not ha ha funny, kinda woosie and sicky, which can't be a good thing, now I'm worried about taking them as can't tell if head is poorly cause of hitting it off metal beam or if tablets are making it poorly.

Any Advise greatly appreciated.

Anyway, its late, I have done no housework, Gerry is back tomorrow and I know I'm gonna get that look off him, you know the one, the one that says, what the hell have you done all week, sit on your arse doing nothing, and I'll just nod my head. But do I care, hell no I don't, I'm going to go to bed and eat a buttons easter egg, take my tablets and hope they knock me out for the night.

Take care of yourselves and keep blogging.


I never got to post on my blog yesterday, as spent the day catching up on sleep, I went to the hospital on Monday night after the kids art classes, got there at 8.45pm and left at 4.45am, 8 hours to see a doctor, can you believe it. They have implemented a new system which splits the clinics into two, one for major and one for minor injuries, I was classified a major, yet anybody who came in with a limp, sore arm, etc, was seen before me, cause the minor was better staffed and dealt with everything quicker. I waited 8 hours to have an x-ray and then be sent home with stronger painkillers. Doctor said if they don't work come back in a few days. I can now announce they are not working, so looks like I'll be back there on Thursday, which will be just super as Thursday is my birthday, so I get to spend it waiting around in a A&E.

Anyway, thats my rant for the day, off to work now, where I have to explain, why I was not there yesterday, and yet scornful looks, cause they are all superwoman and can manage into work after staying up with there kids all night, yadda yadda yadda

Sorry for ranting, but do feel better now, take care of yous xxxx

Monday, May 22, 2006

My head still hurts

My head is no better, so after I have done the childrens art classes tonight I'm gonna nip to the hospital to see if they can suggest anything, have been taking painkillers but nothing is touching it. I feel so stupid, cause there is still not a mark there, but I can't even touch the hairline part of my head without crying out in pain, which proved to be a big problem this morning in the shower when I was washing my hair. I'm not usually a softie either, so feel really daft, but I give in. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

its been CJ galore this weekend

I've managed to complete 3 CJ's this weekend, some feat for me, cause I usually put these things off till the very last minute. But I am trying to turn over a new leaf and make sure I'm ahead of schedule in the future. Can't see it lasting long though.

heres some sneaky peeks at the ones I've doneMy head is still killing me, have the biggest headache ever, and no tablets are taking it away. I even had an early night last night and a long lie today in the hope that it would be ok today, but no such luck, so I'm gonna have another early night tonight, after I've ironed my uniform for work tomorrow, thankfully ben has a uniform already done.

Gerry is just back in from Footy so I'm gonna go off and see whats for tea, I love the weekends as Gerry does all the cooking then, I'm suppose to do it during the week, but 9 out of 10 times I don't, must admit, I'm a lazy cow at times, must work harder at not been, as can sense a scene been made soon about it, so I'll cut it off at the pass before it arrives.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oh thats sore

I have the biggest headache today, and I know why, no i'm not hung over, yesterday at work, I was happily walking from one part of the shop to another, and bang, I hit my head on a low beam, now don't get me wrong the shop is not a usually a dangerous place, but I was in a good mood and walking with a spring in my step, well I must have been far to springy, cause the next thing I know, I have little tweety pies flying all around me. I now have a lovely lump, but no bruise, so my head must be either hard or empty, either way, nobody believes me cause there is not a mark, but I'm telling you, its really sore.

Taught a class this morning, it was scrapbooking for beginners, I do love getting beginners, first thing I had them do was Tear paper, yes thats right, tear paper, and they where all ok, not one of them fainted, so yippee, have them primed and ready. The class was good fun, even if the girls did come away from it thinking I'm some part of cult or something, as told them all the secret scrapping world that exists (Not), because they where so new, they had no idea, they did not even get excited about my turntable for my tote. Honestly any self respecting scrapper would be delirious with joy for a turntable.

This afternoon went to a crop and had a great time, we all stopped and had lunch together, one of the girls, Linda, is a primary school teacher and was telling us about the classes she has been doing recently with the P6's, Sex education, well we all learnt a thing or two, but maybe not the best subject for the lunch table, honestly those girls are mad.

Managed to get two CJ entries completed, I don't know how I ended up with so many to do, still have some more to do and am hoping to get cracking with them tonight if I can talk Gerry into making the tea.

I'll be back soon to let you see the pics of the CJ's and my bruise if it ever appears.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No news is good news

Sorry, no news for you today, but thought I would post anyway, to have a ramble. Have been helping my friend out tonight in preparation for a upcoming crop, so we had a giggle for a few hours, but shes getting over the cold and ran home early to go to bed, how boring. Gerry is back after a few days away, but already he is irrating me and I can't wait for his next trip, house is always nice and peaceful when he is out of it, and it even looks tidier when he is not about, how is it that men can make a place look messy as soon as they walk in the door. Ben even has this ability but at least he keeps it contained to his bedroom. Whoops scratch that, forgot about his pile of shoes by the back door and school bag and books left all over the place.

I have finally started to unpack my bags from bonanza and can't believe how much stash I brought, it will take a month of sundays to get through it all, but I'm gonna do my best this weekend. Have a class to teach on scrapbooking for beginners and then have a crop in the afternoon, where I have three CJ's I need to do, one is the final page in the Girly Whirly one and then I will get my own book back with everyone elses lovingly created works of art in it, I can hardly wait. Another is a brand new one on Love / Hate, only I've still not decided on what mine is gonna be about and the final one is just a double page layout as a thank you for a CJ we are putting together so I have my work cut out for me. My team on UKS are also wanting to do a CJ, but will not start till June so will have a bit more time to prepare for this one. Honestly I don't know why I leave everything to the last minute, I'm terrible.

Anyway, I'm off to bed, you take care of yourselves.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Bonanza was fantastic

Well I'm back, I'm tired, can't find a thing but I loved every minute of bonanza. I had a ball, managed to do 7 classes and I loved every one of them, created some fab things came away with my head whizzing with ideas and inspiration and even got a few good comments about the bits I'd made for Art from the Heart.

Why is that we all (or is it just me) lack confidence in the things we create, when I think back, I know the things I made where fantastic (I know my head won't fit through the door if I keep on), but I'm telling you, my confidence has taken so many blows recently that I was convinced that what I had made was horrible and would end up in the bin, but no I was wrong, Dyan and mark and the gang loved them all, and it was wonderful to hear customers come upto the stand and look at what I had made and say it was great, I came away glowing with excitment that they where talking about things I had made. Anyway enough of my self pity.

I met so many people, loads of them have been my heros for so long I was kinda shell shocked at meeting them in the flesh, first one and top of the list had to be Kirsty Wiseman, I love this woman and everything she creates, she must kinda think I'm a bit of a nutter, cause when we met, I gave her a big hug and then another and then another, could not stop myself, she is just flipping fantastic and I'm so proud and chuffed to say we both work for the same design team (blonde moments) well I loved meeting her and managed to book onto one of her classes and blagged my way into another one, so got to spend some great time at the masters feet, trying to glean as much of her creativety as I could possibly get away with stealing without her noticing. Only problem is, think somebody stole it from me, cause its all gone. I also met Anna from bumblebee crafts, now she is one awesome lady and she kindly took a pic of me and kirsty together, but I never had the balls for one of me her together, Doh big mistake, will have to try harder next time, but I'm sure that the photo is now in the hands of the police, to stop me stalking them.

I took my camera but was far to busy to take any pics, so sorry about that, but I will finish off the bits and pieces I made in the classes and will upload some of these for you all to see.

When I got home, was waiting at the carosel for my luggage and got a lovely surprise when Ben snuck up behind me to give a great big squish hug, when we got home, Gerry went out to his usual manly hour, 5 a sides (excuse for lardy arse men to run around for an hour, pretending they are brilliant at football, then they all come home, complaining of cuts and bruises and he pushed me etc) so whilst he was out, me and ben climbed under the quilt and watched tv and had some quality time catching up with each other. I do love out moments together like that, we sit and hold hands and talk for ages, I cherish these moments so much as the more he grows up the less he wants to do it, but Sunday was great cause he wanted to stay there for ages.

Thanks for dropping by and having a read of my blog, I hope you come back soon.

Take care of you.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

OK, I did warn you that I would be really bad at updating my blog and true to form, life has taken over and I've not had a spare minute to update you with my goings on, so I'll attempt to let you all catch up now.

I had a real roller coaster of a week about 2 weeks ago, was speaking to the lovely Dyan from Art from the heart and she asked me to join the design team and she sent me some of the new scrummy yummy Blonde moment papers (Spring Fling and Suet Pudding), well I've been having a field day making stuff up for her ready for Bonanza and I've still more ideas to finish off.

Then the following day, I got a call from the new Do Crafts magazine asking me to design a project for them on Dry embossing, to say I nearly pee'd myself would be an understatement.

Kirsty summed it up great, she said I must be on top of the world and I said " yes can't find the ladder to get down, so gonna stay up here a bit longer". Anyway, I have now finished the project off and just have the boring writing bit to do and then I'm all ready to post off, which reminds me, I best pull my finger out as want to post it on Thursday before I leave for Bonanza. Yes thats right, I'm off to Bonanza, can hardly wait, have booked in for 5 classes, 2 with Dyan and one with Kirsty so should be a real hoot.

I took Ben and his friends to the park on Friday as the weather was so lovely and we had a ball, made it into an early birthday party for him, we took a picnic, pinyata (sorry can't spell today) and a ball and we spent 3 glorious hours just kicking back and having a ball, they boys loved it, and kept on going on about how it was the best party they have ever been too.

Anyway, I've still got loads to do, like iron my clothes for my brilliant trip, so I'm off, but I'll be back soon to share with you all the great gossip from Birmingham.

You all take care of yourselves.