Friday, August 31, 2007

New BOM Prompt is up

I took a break during August and never did a Book of Me Prompt, so I have two to do for September to help the girls stay on track. The first one is out now and I love it. If you have never done a BOM Layout, then jump over to the thread on UKS and check it out, all the previous prompts are on the first entry on the thread.

You have to go and ask a family member or a friend to describe who you are as a person. I never actually asked anybody as somebody had already summed me up in a way that left me astonished, but I loved what they said about me.

I used something that Kirsty said about me on her blog, entry is here if you want to see it.

She said - "Look beyond the obvious and peel back the layers of a woman with stamina, determination and heart. TRUE."

I loved this, at first I was gobsmacked by her comment, but once I let it sink in and thought about if for a while, I realised, She is right, I am like that, and I love the fact that she saw that in me and opened my eyes to the fact. Kirsty Thank you so much, your a brilliant friend and I wubs you.

So here is this months layout with a few close up shots.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The photo is one also taken by the Oh so talented Kirsty, she is an amazing photographer who makes you feel so relaxed, her photography site is
here, go and check it out, and if you can book her, honestly she will take the best photo's you have ever had.

I saw a layout by Suzanne recently on UKS and was so inspired by it, that I kinda pinched one of her ideas, her layout is
here if you want to see it, I highly recommend it, a very tongue in cheek letter to Jamie Oliver and a stunning layout to boot.

I loved the scalloped circle she did, and I just had to try it out for myself. I do love this effect and its something I will be doing lots of in the future.

I have loads to do today, but my morning was started in off in the most delightful way,
Angela came over and brought bacon and rolls with her, so on went the grill and we stuffed our faces, yum yum. She also brought over my DT kit for the next month for the Angela Crafts Design Team, and wow, is all I can say at the moment, I love it, have no idea what I'm going to do with it just yet, but wow, stunning.

Joke of the day is another one from Janet and is so funny, I dare you not to laugh out load.

Morris and his Wife, Esther went to the state fair every year. Every year Morris would say, "Esther, I'd like to ride in that helicopter." Esther always replied, "I know Morris, but that helicopter ride is 50 dollars and 50 dollars is 50 dollars."

A few years later, Esther and Morris went to the fair again. Morris said "Esther, I'm 85 years old. If I don't ride that helicopter now, I might never get another chance." Esther replied, "Morris, that helicopter is 50 dollars and 50 dollars is 50 dollars."

The pilot overheard the couple. He said "Folks, I'll make you a deal. I'll take the both of you for a ride. If you can stay quiet for the entire ride and not say a word, I won't charge you! But if you say one word, it's 50 dollars." Morris and Esther agreed - and up they went. The pilot did all kinds of fancy maneuvers. But not a word was heard. He did his daredevil tricks over and over again, but still not a word.

When they landed, the pilot turned to Morris and said, "By golly, I did everything I could to get you to yell out, but you didn't. I'm impressed!

Morris replied, "Well I was going to say something when Esther fell out, but 50 dollars is 50 dollars!

Take care of yourselves and I'll see you all soon.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Friggin Lawn Mower

Today I got up full of good intentions, I had my day all mapped out and it revolved around attacking my very much overgrown garden.

So after getting myself suitable dressed and wellies pulled on, I start the mammoth task of pulling out the lawnmower, trimmer, waste bags, extension leads, safety plugs, blah blah, you get the idea. I start the mower up, do an area about the size of postage stamp and the ruddy blades fall off.

Let the search commence for the replacement blades. Now you know when you can see something in your mind, you know exactly what the item looks like but you can't remember for the life of you where you put it, well that was me for over an hour today. I swear to god the replacement blades, instructions manuals, screwdrivers and everything for the lawnmower are all in a bag together and I thought they where in the shed, Let me tell you, I pulled that shed to pieces, I have never ran out of a shed so many times screaming at the size of the spiders that usually quite happily live in there enjoying the peace and quiet, well not today. Charlie our cat had a field day chasing the little monsters all over the place, and he even ate a few, Yuck yuck yuck. After a fruitless search I gave up, packed everything away and now have a lawn that looks like something went mad in a very small area.

And thats been my day, not the most productive, but not from lack of effort.

Joke of the day for you all is from my great friend Janet, and had me wiping coffee off my computer screen when I read it.

An old Irish cowboy sat down at the Star bucks in Dublin and ordered a cup of coffee. As he sat sipping his coffee, a young woman sat down next to him. She turned to the cowboy and asked, "Are you a real cowboy?"

He replied, "Well, I've spent my whole life breaking colts, working cows, going to rodeos, fixing fences, pulling calves, bailing hay, doctoring calves, cleaning my barn, fixing flats, working on tractors, and feeding my dogs, so I guess I am a cowboy."

She said, "I'm a lesbian. I spend my whole day thinking about women. As soon as I get up in the morning, I think about women. When I shower, I think about women. When I watch TV, I think about women. I even think about women when I eat. It seems that everything makes me think of women."

The two sat sipping in silence.

A little while later, a man sat down on the other side of the old cowboy and asked, "Are you a real cowboy?"

He replied, "I always thought I was, but I just found out that I'm a lesbian."

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I know I know

I'm terrible at updating this blog at the moment, but its been all go in our house the past week. Ben started back at school and is now in the 2nd year of High School. He looks amazing in his uniform, but I've promised him I won't embrasses him by posting a pic of him on my blog, and a promise is a promise.

I have been like a whirlwind this week, on a cleaning frenzy. My scrapping stuff had appeared to take on a life of its own, and was gradually spreading itself all around the house, it had managed to take over the craft room, the dining room and the kitchen, it was getting so bad that we had resorted to eating our meals on our laps in the family room. Which was something Ben was complaining about, meant he got to watch TV whilst he ate, whereas I on the other hand hated it. We only usually get to have one meal together each day, and I always love having it round the dinner table as it gives us all a chance to play catch up and find out how every ones day went. We stole this idea from a movie about doing High/Low, you give one high for the day and one low for the day and then we all have something to talk about.

Anyway, back to the point, my scrapping stuff had taken over the house, so I had to tidy up. I've now managed to tidy my craft room, have filled my boot with stash I no longer want, and I'm going to be taking it all to my card group on Saturday to sell and raise some much needed funds. And on a bonus note, because I've tidied up, I now have a clean and tidy Dining Room and Kitchen, on the downside, Ben was not pleased to be back at the dinner table for tea this evening, hee hee.

My Godchildren came over last week. And we had a great time. They where only here for about 4 hours, which was nowhere near long enough for us, but we did manage to bake some cakes and play. Natascha managed to raid my scrapbooking stash and left with a huge bag full, which she has unfortunately had to leave at her Grans as there was no room in her suitcase to take it home, but she is coming back over in October and will be able to take it all back with her then, she is also planning on having a scrapping fest with me. Yahoo.

I have had approval from our presevation company to re-decorate the hall and lounge as well now, so I now need to do some plastering, anybody want to come and help, AHHHHHHHHHHHH I've never plastered in my life, and have a area about 6ft by 6ft that needs done, I'm terrified of doing it, incase I make a mess. Once I've done it I can get the decorating finished and the carpets fitted, and the house will be finally finished, or at least the inside will be. I still need to finish the garden off and do some painting outside, and then Viola, all done. Any volunteers want to offer their help?????????

And finally I am so honoured as Heather has nominated my blog for a Schmooze award, how honored and an award as a 'Thoughtful blogger'. I actually have to confess that I have no idea what these awards are for or why I have received them, considering how bad I am at bloggin at the moment, but I am so pleased to have been picked. I do love blogging and I love to read other peoples blogs, my blog is mainly me ranting on like a mad woman though, and probably bores everone to sleep, but I don't care, it gives me a place to keep an online diary, and I do love sitting here and reading my older posts, I love to see how my family and friends have progressed over the year and I love having the ability to catch up with friends via their blogs. So Heather thank you so much for nominating me. xxxx to you darling.

I have to nominate some people to receive these, so here goes. Firstly I will pick Angela, because she is a tower of strength to me at times and she is such a thoughtful person.
Secondly I pick Suzanne, you are amazing and you know you are, hee hee (she will hate me for that)
Thirdly I will pick Tracie, you have been such a loyal supporter and advocate for Lippy Chick and you always scream its praises from the rooftops, thank you so much.
Fourth is Kirsty - Come on cyclops you know you want to join in
And last but not least I pick Pam, cause I love her blog, it has me laughing so hard at times and her work is stunning and best of all she is always happy to share it with us.
I did want to pick a few others, but they have already had the awards, but I still love you all.
Anyway take care, and here is your joke of the day:
After their baby was born, the panicked father went to see the obstetrician.
"Doctor," the man said, "I don't mind telling you, but I'm a little upset because my daughter has red hair. She can't possibly be mine."
"Nonsense," the doctor said. "Even though you and your wife both have black hair, one of your ancestors may have contributed red hair to the gene pool."
"It isn't possible," the man insisted. "This can't be, our families on both sides had jet-black hair for generations."
"Well," said the doctor, "let me ask you this. How often do you have sex?"
The man seemed a bit ashamed.
"I've been working very hard for the past year.
We only made love once or twice every few months."
"Well, there you have it!" The doctor said confidently.
"It's rust"

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Be Warned, photo overload

Yep, I've left it so long since I last blogged, I'm going to give you all a photo overload, first up we have the last book I did for the Stamp Addicts workshops that I recently taught at, and then we have pics of Suzannes kids.

So to start you here is the last book I did for Stamp Addict. I loved this one, its probably my fave, I know I should not have a fave, but if squeezed, pinched and kicked really really hard, then this would def. be it.

Each of the flaps have been left open at the top to allow for a tag to be put in, this is a really jammed packed book, but it does still fit in its cover, just, ha ha.

OK, next lot of photos start now, hee hee.

We have had quite a week here, Suzanne and the kids arrived Weds tea-time, and we got stuck straight into scrapping, I was working on some projects that I can't share just yet, and Suzanne was working on a layout for the Design Collection class, what can I say about it but Wow, Wow, Wow, amazing. On Thursday, we all jumped into the car, no mean feat with 4 kids and 2 adults and headed off for a day at the People's Palace, me and Ben had gone last week, but it was a spur of the moment thing and I never had my camera.

Today was different, armed with camera, we had a great time. We split up into teams as they give the kids a detective form to fill in, to make sure they get as much from the place as possible, it was girls against boys. The girls had a great time trying to read the scottish text. The boys had a wild time of it as well, they discovered the lifts and I think they spent all their time going up and down between the floors. We finally finished off our quest for clues, and had lunch - picnic style in the Winter Gardens, and wow was it hot, the sun was coming through the glass and it was like having our own private desert island, expect for all the peeps who had to keep stepping over us that is. The kids all had numerous goes of the wishing well, so much so that Suzannes purse was much lighter on the journey home.

After the Palace and Gardens, we made our way home, with a quick detour via the park to let the kids have a mad 1/2 hour and hopefully make them tired (it did'nt work) Ben, Josh and Chaira all ran straight for the biggest thing in the park and raced to the top, whilst I stood open mouthed in fear of them dropping from great heights and trying to figure out the best route to A&E.

Josh got stuck in the kids train and took an age to come out, that might have had something to do with me standing there though, refusing to leave till I had caught an appropriate shot of him in distress, at no point did I offer to assist, see what a good scrapper I am, ha ha.

Actually Josh hates his picture been taken and its a nightmare for Suzanne as she is desperate to scrap him, I on the other hand have a dream son who will let me take his picture whenever I so desire, take today for instance, we had left a small feather boa out from when the kids where here, and Ben decided to put it on (whilst still in his PJ's) and model it for me, when I grabbed my camera, I thought he might have run off, but no, he happily posed for a few shots - Bless him. (ummhhh I'm wondering whilst typing this, if I should be worried, nahhhhhhhh nothing to worry about, it was good honest fun)

Anyway, I digress, Mia promptly showed him how it was suppose to be done, what a cutie pie she is.

We had a slight downpour whilst at the park, you can see the rain clouds gathering in some of the pics, so we took shelter under the trees, (I know, not a wise move, but there was no thunder) and whilst under the trees, I got this shot of the girls, and I love it. Anyway, once me and Suzanne where tired out (yes us and not the kids) we set off home for tea.

Suzanne and the kids where suppose to be leaving us on Friday morning, but they all asked if they could stay another night and who was I to say no, think I might have even planted the seed in their heads, hee hee. We had a ball, the girls are amazing, they create their own little fantasy world and play so happily, I was so jealous as wanted to be a part of it. Ben and Josh had a computer fest, we never saw the boys except for meal times. We all ate well and drank well and languished in each others company, and the odd bit of scrapping was done as well. Angela even came over on Thursday night to join in, well she watched and gossiped whilst me and Suzanne scrapped.

Saturday, was card group day for me and Anne my friend, Sunday was lazy day and yesterday Me and Ben went out with Bens dad for a day before Ben starts back at school, actually it was quite a nice day, the weather was good to us, and we went to the botanical gardens, must admit, that once you have seen one plant, they do start to all look the same, but it was fun, especially making the venus fly trap close up thinking it had caught a tasty lunch, only to discover we had tricked it with tree bark, ha ha. Then we had lunch at the German brewery and had another wander around the Peoples Palace, can you guess yet where my fave place is at the moment, yep you got it right the Peoples Palace, ha ha.

Last night was spent scrapping in earnest, I need to clear this project pile from my desk to let me get on with the book of me prompts which are due soon. I never posted one in August, so have to do two for September, and my brain is not working at the moment, have the prompts, just no inspiration for the layouts, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Ben was suppose to start back at School today, but with his school been a new build, they are having a few teething problems and it's been delayed till Thursday, yahoo, a few extra days with Ben. Tomorrow our Godchildren are coming over for the day, before they head back home to Canada, so I'm now running around try to find baking goodies for us to play with and some scrapping stuff, Natashca has taken up scrapbooking and I've promised her she can raid my room (oh no what have I let myself in for), Cameron wants to cook up a storm and play rough and tumble with Ben, so by tomorrow night the house will a chaos of flour, grass and scrapping stuff, but its all in the name of fun, so I don't care.

Anyway, thats enough from me, I'm sure I'll be back later in the week with pics of our cooking and scrapping fest, till then take care of yourself,

Joke of the day is from Claire, all the way from Down under - Love you Claire, big kisses from me to you. xxx

A young Chinese couple gets married.
She's a virgin.
Truth be told, he is a virgin too, but she doesn't know that.
On their wedding night, she cowers naked under the sheets as her husband undresses in the darkness.
He climbs into bed next to her and tries to be reassuring. 'My darring,' he whispers, 'I know dis iss your firss time and you berry frighten. I pomise you, I give you anyting you want, I do anyting - juss anyting you want. you juss ask... so... whatchu want?' he says, trying to sound experienced and worldly, which he hopes will impress her.
A thoughtful silence follows and he waits patiently (and eagerly) for her request. She eventually shyly whispers back, 'I want try someting I have heard about from other gurls... Numbah 69.' More thoughtful silence, this time from him. Eventually, in a puzzled tone he asks her... 'You want... Garlic Chicken with steam vegetable?'

Monday, August 13, 2007

Where does the time go???????

I can't believe its over a week since my last post. I have no idea what I've done during the time, as don't have very much to show for it.

Well actually that's a bit of a fib, I have been busy on Design Projects, but I can't share them with you, sorry. So instead I will share with you the second book I did for Stamp Addicts, the Flop book, named because it flops down. hee hee, its all thinking this you know.

This book is dedicated to Ben, and again I used pictured taken by the oh so talented Miss Kirsty Wiseman, or cyclops as she is know in our house.
I have a friend - Suzanne - arriving on Weds with her 3 children and it's a hive of activity in our house as we are so excited, my friend is a fella crafter and we are hoping to get some time to play. Ben is excited as Suzanne has a son who is a similar age to Ben and he is hoping for a play fest of games which will include the X Box, PS2 and monopoly, hopefully the girls will be included as well.
Well that's all the news from me, sorry not much I know, but hey I don't have a life, ha ha.
Here is a joke for you all, enjoy and take care of yourselves.
A woman was very distraught over the fact that she had not had a date or any sex for over 5 years.
She was afraid she might have something wrong with her, so she decided to seek medical expertise with the well known Chinese sex therapist, Dr Chang.
Upon entering the examination room, Dr Chang said "OK, take off all your croze."

The woman did as she was told.

Now get down and craw reery, reery fass to odderside of room."

Again the woman did as she was instructed.
Dr Chang then said "OK, now craw reery, reery fass back to me."
As she did Dr Chang shook his head slowly.

Your probrem vewy bad. You have Ed Zachary disease. Wurse case I ever see. Dat why you not haf sex or dates."

The woman asked anxiously "Oh my God, Dr Chang what is Ed Zachary

Dr Chang sighed deeply and replied, "Ed Zachary disease is when your face look Ed Zachary like your arse."

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Well its Thursday already, can't believe where the time is going, it only seems like it was the weekend the other day. Me and Ben are having so much fun together, we have been catching up with each other, and I'm loving it. Don't know how much longer he will actually want to spend time with me, he is now a teenager and from my own recollection of been a teenager, I did not want to be seen with mother regardless of who it was who saw me. Parents are just not cool, but I must be the exception to the rule, cause my boy is happy with my company and he don't care who knows it.

So what's been going on in our house. Well today I caught up with Angela, yahoo she is back from her holiday and we picked up right where we left off, chatting on the phone for ages about nothing, then a few hours later, yep back on the phone we where again. I also caught up with Kirsty on the phone as well. I do love the phone, what a great invention. I'm forever on it, I would be lost without it. I do pick up the phone quite alot just to say hi to friends, have a quick blether, or a long one, depending on time frames etc. Go on pick up the phone and call a friend today, you know you want to.

I've also been busy on some projects for Angel Crafts Design Team, I've done a layout, a mini canvas book and now I'm trying to work on another project, buts it's got me pulling my hair out, so I've stepped away from it for a while and thought I would catch up with this instead, whilst I wait on some glossy accents drying which will hopefully cure my problem with this blasted thing.

I have a ton of books to make for a friend, not my usual Lippy Chick books, but another project, I'll tell you more about that though maybe next month, don't want to spill the beans too soon do I, ha ha, I know I'm a tease.

I will share with you though one of the books I did for Stamp Addicts Workshops, which by the way, where flipping brilliant, I had a right scream with the ladies, one in particular - Barbara, OMG, how funny are you, I still insist you sound just like Posh though.

Anyway, here are the pics of the first class I taught which was the Flap book class, I'll share the rest with you over my next few posts.

the small pics are close ups of the page, some of them have turned themselves 90 degrees and I can't figure out how to fix that in blogger, so put your head on the side, ha ha. I've also included pics of the book fully open for you to see, hope you enjoy it.

All of the photos in the book where the ones that Kirsty took when she was up here on a recent working visit. I do the love the Lippy Chick books, because you can literally gets tons of photos in them, so all those little pics you have or all those extras that you took at the kids party, well they are just begging to be put into a Lippy Chick book, go and check out the site for your nearest stockist and grab yourself, one, two or three, yes infact get three one of each. If anybody is struggling just drop me a line, telling which book you have and I'll send you a step by step guide on how to decorate one, what more can a girl do.

My plea for jokes was fulfilled, yahoo, and tonights is from Janet, who is one of my oldest and dearest friends in the whole wide world, can you believe we have been friends for over 20 years, OMG, the time has flown.

Joke of the Day:


A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. The chicken is leaning against The headboard smoking a cigarette, with a satisfied smile on its face.

The egg, looking a bit pissed off, grabs the sheet, rolls over, and Says, 'Well, I guess we finally answered THAT question.

If anyone needs it explained - read it a second time. Its ok, I had to read it a second time before I twigged.

Take care of yourselves, mwah to each and every one of you, well nearly everyone, no kisses for you Woody if your reading this, ha ha.