Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Hey everyone out there in blogger land who reads this blog, I just wanted to say a Massive Happy New Year to you all. I hope that 2009 brings all you wish for it.

I'm spending the New Year with Friends and we plan to party party party.

I have a cold and am hoping that the wonderful medicine of Jack Daniels is going to cure it or kill it tonight for me.

Hope santa was good to you all, he was to me, I got what I asked for a few extra things besides so that was brilliant.

Anyway have to, I'm meant to be doing things to get the party started, but I've snuck onto here for a few mins.

Take care everyone and I'll hopefully see you in the new year.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hope you all get what your heart desires.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sad News

Today I have announced that the Luxurious Angel retreats that where scheduled for 2009 have now been cancelled.

This is due to reasons out with my control, please believe me when I tell you that if I could change things to stop this from happening I would have done.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Seriously I lead a boring life

Honestly I have barely anything to report at all.

I've been taking it quite easy of late, getting ready for Christmas, have spent time with friends relaxing and chatting which is always good.

Last week I was asked to teach a class of P7's (11 years old) at a primary school in Blanefield which is right on the edge of the West Highland way, one of my best buds has a farm located within a forest and I got to stay the night, we stayed up quite late building the kits for the kids and drinking wine and chatting, I love going to the farm, as it is quite literally in the middle of a forest, you have to drive up a dirt track for 2 miles to reach it, and they have no neighbours for at least a 2 mile radius. It is so peaceful at the farm, that is except for the cockerals and chickens first thing in the morning, ha ha.

Anyway, the following day, I got to spend some amazing time with the kids, we all did a Lippy Chick Flip book and the kids loved them, after that we spent quite some time working on designs for a tag swap they are all going to do between themselves before they move onto high school, that way they will have a reminder of there class mates.

Lesley Anne came over one night to make her Christmas cards, she has come up with the most simple but stunning design. I on the other hand did bugger all, kept starting projects only to put them to one side as could not really be bothered. I think she is gonna pop over again next week to finish them off, hopefully by then, I'll have got my mojo back and be raring to create something amazing and unique (fat chance)

Tomorrow night I have my works night out, I'm really looking forward to it, though not sure all of my colleagues are, they usually just go for a meal, but some of the lads said they would prefer one in a hotel so they could have a good night out and stay over, so we are off to a party night with 329 other people, quite a few of us are staying over night and planning a big a party in one of the rooms after the bar shuts.

I have been on the beauty route all week, ha ha, and before you say it, yes I obviously need it, ha ha.

Anyway thats all my news,