Monday, January 25, 2010

Photos from last year

Facebook did this cool thing, it grabbed random pics that I had posted in my facebook albums and created a montage (probably spelt that wrong), so any way, I thought I would share it with you here.

First pic is of me and Jane at Retrofest held in August at Loudon Castle, next is Lesley Anne, she made me a lovely lunch in the summer and we pigged out on cakes (Aug). 3rd is me and my stunning god-daughter Natascha, taken in June at her brothers first communion, 4th one is a random snog, ha ha, it was for a bet, and I'm dressed up as a gangster for my friends hen night which we spent in Carlisle (July).

Next row, first pic is me and some friends from Lockerbie, Sam and Jules, we rented a cottage at the southern most point in Scotland for a week and just chilled out in October. Next pic is of Roadie who also got to spend some chill out time at the cottage in October, hiding under the rhubarb, ok its not rhubarb, its that plant that grows freakishly tall, but roadie is tiny and it looked funny. Next pic is of me and Rita (Dawns Mum) taken at Christmas at the farm where we where snowed in, brilliant fun. and last one on the 2nd row is me and two friends, Gus and Craig, enjoying the delights of Airdrie and Diamonds, seriously it is horrid, but thankfully with two jokers like that with you, its bound to end up been good fun (July)

3rd Row is me and sam enjoying a really nice night catching up in Glasgow, thats the Clyde crane growing out of my head (Aug), next is a deer that I managed to catch on camera whilst camping with Ben. We discovered the joys of camping last year and ended up away most weekends. (July). The 3rd pic is of my first time camping, I went away with Sam, Jules and Roadie to a lovely little hide away on the Firth of Solway in Dumfries at Easter. It was freezing cold at night and we kept a fire going most of the time, but we had an amazing weekend. (April) and the final picture on this row is of Me, sat on my stairs at home. (Aug)

And the final row we have the girls who all went on the hen night in Carlisle (July) Me and Ben camping (Aug) and me and mitch at the farm (Aug) and the final pic is of Sam and Roadie messing about in Lockerbie (Feb).

Well as you can see my camera was pretty busy over the summer and we got upto lots. I'll keep adding pics from other things we got upto as well for you over the next coming weeks hopefully. Thats if I can keep this blogging up.

Take care of yourself.


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